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This is a community where people can get together to trade video games with other users. Basically, members can post a request for a game, and if another member is willing to trade, they post a reply and the details are worked out between the two members. The community is open to console, portable, and PC games, new and old.

And now, some rules:
  1. vg_swap is not responsible for any shady dealings with other members. vg_swap is only a forum for interested parties to meet and work out their own private deals. If a swap goes sour, take it up with the appropriate authorities. vg_swap washes its hands of the deal.

  2. vg_swap is for swapping and trading retail copies of games. Swapping pirated copies of games is not allowed. Any posts requesting or offering pirated games will be deleted, and the offending member may be subject to removal from the community. This includes emulation and abandonware.

  3. vg_swap is a community for swapping and trading video games. Any posts asking for money or anything other than other games will be deleted immediately. If you're looking to buy or sell used games, go here, here, and here.

  4. Basically, just be nice to each other and don't cause a fuss, etc.
Revisions will be made to this rules list as various situations arise.

Here are some links you might find helpful once you begin swapping:

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